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Poodle Doodle Dream Team.

Two years ago this photograph caught the eye of volunteer Jo on her Facebook page. This adorable dog was due to be euthanised at a local pound and the volunteers were making a last plea for a home for her. After sharing it with friends on the social media site one friend called Lesley noticed the similarity to her own Cockapoo and decided to share it on the Cockapoo owners Facebook page . What followed is history.

To read how one little dog has changed the lives of so many others in the words of group member Katie click here and meet Team  Poodle Doodle Do.

Make your voice heard.

We get many emails from tourists regarding cases of neglect or animal abuse that they have witnessed whilst holidaying in Cyprus. You have the right to make your voice heard, so if you wish to make your complaint known please address your concerns to tthe tourist office at the following email address and help us make this beautiful Island a better place for animals to live.


Scooter The Neutered Cat Is My New Idol.

Watch Scooter Strut His Stuff In This Hilarious Music Video! | The Animal Rescue Site Blog.
Click here to watch Scooters cool video!

We would like to thank Cyprus Airways for their continued support conceding a 30% discount on the freight for all shelter animals travelling to new homes abroad.    

Argos Animal Hotel

Argos now has modern and spacious boarding facilities, please follow this link for more details...

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Stella's Corner.

Drop in and catch up with Argos founder Stella's thoughts and updates on the shelter and Animal welfare throughout Cyprus.


Hill's recovery area news.

Fabulous news from The Hills recovery area this month is that after nearly a year on a special sensitive stomach diet our Maggie May is well enough to be re homed and shall be leaving us next week. She will continue on her diet in her new home. This would not have been possible without the special care and support of Hills Pet Nutrition . Maggie will be joining fellow Argos cat Molly in a lovely new home with Carol and John.

Maggie May.

Click here for lateset news.

News from Germany.

Click the link to follow Sandy's latest news.

Sponsorship program.

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