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We provide a lifeline from the streets to the safety of our shelter. Help us to protect them, care for them and reach our goal of finding each animal a loving new home.

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Alohamega cookies and cakes could mean a very happy Easter for our animals.

For two weeks from April 11th all Alphamega stores will be carrying the following promotion so please drop in and enjoy some Easter treats in support of the shelter.

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The overwhelming response to the recent sad story of Hope (the dogs whose life we were too late to save) has highlighted the need for Stella to spend more time away from the shelter to be free to attend more of these cases and continue our fight for a better life for the animals of Cyprus. To allow us to continue our work we need the security of a strong team and committed finances . Over 12, 000 of you read or shared Hopes story and among the comments one supported Carol brought to our attention a project called Teaming as a simple way of raising funds. Teaming asks you to commit to a donation of just 1 EURO a month. With enough people giving one euro a month we can secure our future and carry on with our vital work. PLEASE, all of you consider this donation and ask your friends to join us . It's less than half a cup of coffee a month and does not require a payPal account. Every single person who joins will have their name painted on our new WALL OF FRIENDSHIP as a reminder of the difference your gift will make.We will update every week with photos of the wall as it hopefully fills up
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Stella's Latest News and Views.

Abandonment is a Death Sentence.

Many people in Cyprus believe that by abandoning their dog, they give them the opportunity to find another home and that, "surely somebody will pick him up." who will ever see those dogs abandoned in the hills, or the case of Billy abandoned in the tourist area of Protaras, kicked, beaten starving and nobody showed any compassion to help save this little poodle......

CVA Announcement On Dog Pounds.

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Where there's a will...... Reduce Taxes and Make a Gift.

A gift in your Will, however small or large, can help to ensure that we continue to be here as a lifeline
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These days, the process of making or amending a Will is straightforward.
To remember The Argos Sanctuary In your Will download the attached form.
Your legacy could save lives.

How your donations help Argos Sanctuary.

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Lucky previously known as Prince.

It makes us really happy when we have updates on the dogs we have rehomed in the past to see
them living lives of peace and happiness.
Our lovely dog Lucky was spotted on our website by Derek and Susan in Paphos and they drove
all the way to the other side of the island to adopt him. 
Derek and Susan adore him and comment, "He is a beautiful intelligent and loving friend."

Lovely to hear from you both and thank you for adopting and loving a once homeless dog.

Here he is 2 years later relaxing in the shade.

Make your voice heard.

We get many emails from tourists regarding cases of neglect or animal abuse that they have witnessed whilst holidaying in Cyprus. You have the right to make your voice heard, so if you wish to make your complaint known please address your concerns to tthe tourist office at the following email address and help us make this beautiful Island a better place for animals to live.


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Stella's Corner.

Drop in and catch up with Argos founder Stella's thoughts and updates on the shelter and Animal welfare throughout Cyprus.stella's

Hill's recovery area news.

Mr jinx has always been one of our more challenging cats health wise.   Almost fully blind and always underweight we had tried several things to build him up and improve his condition. No amount of food seemed to be putting weight on our skinny boy so he was sent for blood tests which showed that this naturally slim cat also  had a kidney problem. Two months on Mr Jinx has been eating a special diet of Hills pet nutrition k/d food sponsored by our wonderful supporters from Hills. The difference is remarkable. He now has a gorgeous little round belly and a coat that he is rightly proud of with real shine and no breaks in the fur. Not only this but he has secured a home with the amazing Tatzenhilfe group in Germany.
Mr Jinx is the most loving and affectionate cat and we are overjoyed to see his transformation.

Mr Jinx

News from Germany.

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