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Erikos the therapy dog.

Happy New Year Doris!

I do believe that just as there are lucky/unlucky people, the same applies to animals. Doris followed a young boy home from school and at home the family had friends visiting from the UK. To cut a long story short, the visitors fell in love with sweet Doris and decided to adopt her.
The family brought Doris to Argos where they left her with us to prepare her for her journey to her new home.
Here she is loved and pampered. Lucky little Doris!

For more pictures of Doris click here.

Make your voice heard.

We get many emails from tourists regarding cases of neglect or animal abuse that they have witnessed whilst holidaying in Cyprus. You have the right to make your voice heard, so if you wish to make your complaint known please address your concerns to tthe tourist office at the following email address and help us make this beautiful Island a better place for animals to live.


Scooter The Neutered Cat Is My New Idol.

Watch Scooter Strut His Stuff In This Hilarious Music Video! | The Animal Rescue Site Blog.
Click here to watch Scooters cool video!

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Stella's Corner.

Drop in and catch up with Argos founder Stella's thoughts and updates on the shelter and Animal welfare throughout Cyprus.


Hill's recovery area news.

Hills Pet Nutrition have been helping us out again with a special diet for overweight cat Zorro.
Zorro had been gradually putting on weight recently reaching a whopping 7 kilos so action was needed. In fact he was so tubby around his middle that he could no longer groom his back which was becoming matted. So now at the slimmer weight of 6 kilo and with a smart summer shave Zorro is well on the way to being slim trim and gorgeous once more.

Zorro's new slim self.

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News from Germany.

Click the link to follow Sandy's latest news.

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