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Alice is a very pretty adult female with a very quiet and gentle nature. She would suit a home without children. Aprilis a tiny tricolour female born April 2016. She is slightly cross eyed and a very timid girl but enjoys one to one attention with people she knows. April needs a quiet home where she can feel totally secure.
Pretty adult female Bandita is affectionate and sociable. She was born in April 2010 and is spayed and fully vaccinated.





Beanie is a grey and white short haired female born May 2011. Independant and healthy who loves fresh water she is always the first to the clean water bowls. Cant find her ? Just run the tap. Bertie is an adult male cat. He is deaf, so will require a special home where he is safe from roads and other dangers.  We think Bertie also suffers with other disabilities as he has a slight wobble and tilts his head back when walking. He is the most affectionate of cats and has won over quite a few visitors. A gentle and good natured cat that would suit a home with a family. Bonita is a short haired black and white female born approx 2007. A lovely big  and healthy cat who is friendly and gentle with other cats and people.  She has very quirky markings on her face. Brando is a short haired brown tabby and white male born approx 2009. A large brown tabby with a very quiet meow ! A friendly boy who likes a nice quite place to snooze.





Bushka is a semi-long haired Tricolour female. A very shy cat who prefers her own company. Born approximately 2010. Bobby is a black and white short haired male and since arriving at Argos in 2016 he has made it his mission to be the office cat. A very calm and affectionate boy who just loves cuddles and food. Exact age is unknown but we estimate he was born mid 2014.





Caramel is a short haired pale ginger and white female. Born August 2015. Very sociable and affectionate, she would make an ideal family pet. Costa is a beautiful quiet boy that gets on well with other cats. After a mouth issue that involved some teeth removal he is now healthy and grooming well. Cora is a black and white short haired female born May 2012. A quiet cat that keeps herself to herself. Crackle is a tabby and white short haired male born May 2016. A happy cat that enjoys both human and feline attention.





Dyson is a beautiful long haired cat whose favourite thing is to drink straight from the tap! Dyson is incredibly laid back and loves a cuddle.
Emily is a short haired pale ginger and white female. Born approx 2009. A very healthy cat who prefers cat to people ! She is shy and independant but enjoys being gently stroked.





Ellie is a short haired Tortoishell female born in 2008. Quite a shy cat, she would need an experienced owner to bring her out of her shell. Flower is a short haired Tricolour female born July 2015. Very affectionate and sociable, she would make the perfect family pet. Fluffy is a long haired Tabby female that was confiscated from a hoarder. We are not sure of her age but we estimate she was born in 2012. She is extremely timid and needs an owner that can give her lots of attention so that she can regain her confidence and trust people again. Fudge is a peach and white male born mid April 2017. A very lively and sociable little kitten.

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