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mini mau



miss daisy

Mini Mau is a tabby male that was rescued by Norwegian tourists. Loves being with people and good with other cats too. Born June 2015. May is a tabby and white short haired female. A quiet, relaxed girl who enjoys attention and likes to drape herself around shoulders like a scarf. Enjoys the company of other cats too. Born May 2016. Minx is a tricolour female. DOB approx June 2017. Miss Daisy is a Grey and white female. DOB approx July 2017.





Mabel is a dark tricolour female. DOB approx 01.05.2017. Sister of Ant, Dec and Iris. Nutkin is a big brown and white tabby born August 2009. One of six cats abandoned at the shelter, he shuns the company of other cats and is slowly regaining his trust in humans. Nicos is a black and white short hair male. Born approx September 2016. Rescued by tourists in Protaras and brought to Argos September 2017. Sight in right eye is slightly impaired. Very sociable and affectionate. Pan is a beautiful long haired male born August 2011. He is a quiet affectionate and gentle boy that would also suit life as an indoor cat.





Pye is a short haired tricolour female born in 2009. She is another of our blind cats and would need a very special home. Parker is a peach and white male born in May 2011. A very relaxed cat who has the loudest purr in the cattery. Purdy appeared at the gates one morning in April 2017. Her ear was clipped so all we knew about her was that she had been spayed. She decided she would like to stay and has settled in very well. A very quiet cat but sociable, especially with people. Estimated date of birth is June 2015. Polly is a tricolour female who is always eager to please and receive cuddles and hugs. A gorgeous little cat that would make a perfect pet. We don't know her exact age but estimate she was born around April 2016.




peggy Sue

Patch is a tabby and white female. Date of birth 01.04.2017, she was found huddled together with her sisters on the beach dangerously close to the water. Her sisters are Roxy and Scooter. Poppy is a Tabby female. DOB approx July 2015. Brought to Argos September 2017. Peanut is a Black and white female born at the shelter on 10.7.2017 to white mum Charmaine. Peggy Sue is a Peach and white female born approx May 2016. A very gentle and loving cat. Mum of Ant, Dec, Mabel and Iris.


Paula is a black and White female born approx mid August 2017

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