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Pye is a short haired tricolour female born in 2009. She is another of our blind cats and would need a very special home. Parker is a peach and white male born in May 2011. A very relaxed cat who has the loudest purr in the cattery. Patch is a tabby and white female. Date of birth 01.04.2017, she was found huddled together with her sisters on the beach dangerously close to the water. Her sisters are Roxy and Scooter. Poppy is a Tabby female. DOB approx July 2015. Brought to Argos September 2017.





Peanut is a Black and white female born at the shelter on 10.7.2017 to white mum Charmaine. Peaches was rescued and brought to Argos with a severely injured front left leg. Beyond repair, the leg was amputated and she is now healed and scampering around with the other cats. A little timid, she is slowly learning to trust humans. Estimated DOB September 2017.
Rosie is a big, fluffy long haired tabby and was born December 2010. She came to Argos when her owner sadly became terminally ill. An independant cat that likes attention although she doesn't seek it out often. Rodney is a ginger male found trapped by metal rods in a field. His damaged right leg has healed after playing with other kittens and daily physio sessions by cattery staff. Born April 2017.





Roxy is a tri colour female. Date of birth 01.04.2017, she was found huddled together with her sisters on the beach dangerously close to the water. Her sisters are Patch and Scooter. Ruby is a sleek tortoishell female who just loves everyone. Always seeking attention and very playful. DOB estimated as April 2017. Beautiful blue grey Smokey has an eye problem that impares his vision. He is a quiet cat that likes his own space but enjoys calm one to one attention Sally used to be a very timid and slightly wild cat but is now affectionate and loving after learning to trust us. Adult female.


sunny jim



Shadow, black short haired female. Shadow is our secret bikini model, she has a white patch between her back legs and under each front leg, she likes to rub her back on the floor and show it off ! She is very healthy, has a very shiny coat, she is shy but friendly and stunningly beautiful. Sunny Jim, Born November 2013, long haired grey & white male. Sunny Jim came to us with a huge infected claw mark under his chin. Now fully recovered and growing fast. A friendly happy cat who would make a super pet. Simone is a short haired tortoishell female born Februaru 2014. Rescued in Nicosia by an Argos supporter who paid for her vet care and operation to remove a badly infected eye before placing her in our care. A friendly girl who loves the company of other cats and humans. Smudge is a large black and white cat who let himself in to the shelter grounds and decided to stay. Precise age unknown but probably around 2 years old. Friendly but prefers his own company most of the time.


Sunny is a short haired tricolour female born May 2015. Norwegian tourists rescued her from a hotel in Ayia Napa so that a badly infected eye could be removed before placing her in our care. Sociable and affectionate, she would make a lovely addition to a family.

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