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We provide a lifeline from the streets to the safety of our shelter. Help us to protect them, care for them and reach our goal of finding each animal a loving new home.

We can not do this alone so help us give them the chance they deserve by donating to the Argos Sanctuary.

Foster carers are also needed. Can you temporarily home a dog for a few weeks? Please get in touch if you can.

You can donate now using PayPal button or directly into our bank (see details on the 'HELP US' page). We can not survive without your support, every little bit makes a huge difference so help us to help them now. Thank you.

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Stella's Latest News and Views

Abandonment is a Death Sentence.

Many people in Cyprus believe that by abandoning their dog, they give them the opportunity to find another home and that, "surely somebody will pick him up." who will ever see those dogs abandoned in the hills, or the case of Billy abandoned in the tourist area of Protaras, kicked, beaten starving and nobody showed any compassion to help save this little poodle......

CVA Announcement On Dog Pounds

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Argos Sanctuary Latest Video

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GDPR Laws and what these mean to Argos Sanctuary

Please click on this link for full information in Greek and English

Travelling with Pets as Hold Luggage

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Neighbourhood police contact details Island wide

Click on this link for helpful telephone numbers in your area.

Under the Skin - donkeys at risk

Click on the link below to read about Donkeys at risk ( you will be redirected to an outside website )

Donkeys at risk


How your donations help Argos Sanctuary

Please take a moment and look at how your wonderful donations have helped Argos Sanctuary.

Make your voice heard

We get many emails from tourists regarding cases of neglect or animal abuse that they have witnessed whilst holidaying in Cyprus. You have the right to make your voice heard, so if you wish to make your complaint known please address your concerns to the Cypriot Goverment at the following email address and help us make this beautiful Island a better place for animals to live.


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Ways to Help Argos.

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Where there's a will.....

Reduce Taxes and make a Gift.

A gift in your Will, however small or large, can help to ensure that we continue to be here as a lifeline from the streets for animals in need and that your love for animals lives on.

These days, the process of making or amending a Will is straightforward.
To remember The Argos Sanctuary In your    Will.

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  Your legacy could save lives.

Join us -

If you're not already a supporter of Argos, please join us  By making a monthly or annual donation and you’ll be part of the many
supporters helping Argos protect the  hundreds of destitute dogs and cats, promoting the interests of animals through our lobby group, our animal welfare education programmes  and spaying/neutering programmes.  Animals in need depend on us to speak up and protect them - join Argos today and help us make a difference to their lives.

Memorial and honor gifts -

Make a gift in honor or memory of a special person or animal in your life.

No matter how long a special person or animal is part of your life, it never seems long enough. A meaningful way to honor their memory  can be to support Argos by sponsoring a dog or cat. Sponsor an animal in tribute to their memory and support the shelter animals and our mission to end cruelty.

Sponsorship program.

Looking to give a gift with meaning?
Argos "Sponsor an animal" gift is individual, convenient and above all life-saving.
Do something different; do something special!

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Vehicle donation -

Donate your used car, truck, or boat to Argos.  We accept donations of any vehicle, from any location, and use the proceeds of it sale to support the shelter animals.

Positive Training for you and your dog.

Please click on the link for much more information.

Please click on the link for more information.