Latest news from Germany

Here re homing coordinator Sandy brings you all the latest news from our lucky dogs re homed in Germany.

We are very lucky to be working with German charity "Hundeliebe" who over the years have helped us to re home hundreds of our dogs. Here, re homing coordinator Sandy will regularly share with you stories of the lucky dogs who have found wonderful new homes with German families.

Olli's story (formerly known as Oliver).

We have just received this from lovely boy Oliver who now lives in Germany. Oliver is one of 6 puppies which rescue dog Destiny gave birth to at the shelter last Christmas. Thank fully all puppies are now in loving homes and Destiny wings her way to UK very soon. ............

It's me, Olli ex Oliver, and I've been living in Germany since 24.05.17, or rather in Newenkirchen.
In the beginning I was shy and I was a bit afraid, but now I am an open and playful dog.
I love my basket and am almost synonymous.
I'm probably a bit proud of that.

My new family I love very much and I am happy about every person who caresses me.
However, I am also a small lazy sock and sleep very gladly, especially if it is very warm.

On Wednesday I go to the dog school for the first time.  I am already looking forward to meeting other dogs and hope that I will learn a lot there. "Seat" but I can already, hehe .
I would like to thank all the people who have helped me to find a new home, I am glad to be here.
I greet my brothers and sisters and hope they are doing as well as I do.

Your Olli

Filou's story (formerly known as Muffin).

Muffin arrived at the shelter in November 2016.  Just one of many small 6 week old puppies that has been abandoned outside the shelter over the years.
Muffin was one of the lucky ones, he was seen by a lovely couple in Germany and flew off to join them in January 2017.  Read his story below.

My name is Filou (muffin), I landed on the 29.01.17 in Hamburg . Although the flight was long, I still had a three-hour drive in front of me, which I mastered with flying colours.

After I had arrived in my new home, I had to eat properly, I had a bear appetite! Then I played with my totally tired master which was super. Afterwards we went to bed, or rather I into the new basket.

My new master thought after 5 times sending me off the bed ‘’Ok you have won’’ and lo and behold I could sleep with my head on the pillow! Where I still sleep today of course!

In the meantime, I've got a really good feeling of happiness and although my master and mistress are very tired, they still teach me a lot. After two days, I decided I was going to do my business just outside, because my boss gave me all the time to do this it was so annoying that I'm now back at the front door and she's already leaving the house. Oh, what a great guy I am!

The neighbors of my master are all in love with me. Just today came such a large man and fell to his knees before me stroking me like crazy and gave me his poodle toy to play with, super or?

Even with the dogs in the neighborhood it is getting  better, although some are stupid because they bark. Then I go to my owners,  into their arms, which then takes care that no one is doing me anything. I think bosses and mistresses are very happy that they have me, because I am also.

My master has told many people of Hundeliebe Grenzenlos  and we hope that there are more people who give the furry noses a chance. Because we dogs from Cyprus are very special!

The owner and mistress had 9 years ago already a female from Cyprus, she had an extraordinary being and was beautiful. She was popular everywhere and very easy to care for. Unfortunately, she went much too early over the rainbow bridge.  But now I am here now and will comfort them and love them just as they already love me.
All the fur noses in Cyprus good luck that they will soon find a nice home! -
Your Filou (muffin)

Frodo's story (formerly known as Mitch).

Puppy Mitch arrived at the shelter in June with his Mum Bonnie and his 2 siblings Clyde and Bunny.  They had been abandoned under a tree and had spent a few days there, being fed by someone, until Argos was alerted.  When they arrived at the shelter the puppies were a little nervous but Mitch was the biggest and bravest and it was not long before his lovely trusting character came to the surface.  Very quickly he was snapped up for a new home in Germany and appears very happy indeed.  A message below from his new home....

Hello Sandy,

Greetings from little Mitch He arrived here in Lilienthal near Bremen on Monday. We are a little family with 2 Teenage-girls (Louisa 14 years, Emily 16 years) and a 10 years old dog, a cat and two Guinea pigs.
We call Mitch now Frodo. He is absolutely cute and very friendly and we love him so much.
I send you some fotos....
Greetings from Sabine and Matthias und Kids....

Nele's story (formerly known as Chario).

Hi All
7 months ago this delightful little dog called Chario (now Nele) flew off to a new life in Germany with Peter and Helga Ort.
Chario was rescued by Argos from Ormedhia pound and certain death,  along with 4 other dogs and 2 puppies (all of which are happily in homes now). 
Please read the news below from Chario’s new owners and of course a small note from Chario.
What a fabulous life this doggy has.

Dear Sandy,
do you remember Nele (ex Chario)?
I would write to you much earlier, but day by day und week by week is gone and I haven't done it. I am so sorry!
Now its more than 7 month ago since we waited at the Airport Frankfurt to took Nele with us in her new home (21. November 2016).
Nele is such a lovely dog, everything is easy. We are a perfect team and every day with her is a lucky day. It was only a short time she needed until she has known that here by us its her new home where she still can stay forever and will be loved. She is given her love back to us every day. Everybody around us loves her. She is very intelligent and learns rapid. During the walks around she runs without line and loves her life. When we call her, just very quiet, she comes running to us with a smile in her face, always makes us happy. Everyday we go over the fields or in the forest. She likes it very much to walk in the forest, many little ways there with interesting things to sniff - the mouses, birds, so many traces. She is good with everybody, all other dogs we meet, humans and so on. In May we where in spain for holiday, of course with Nele. First we thought, how will it be, the long drive from germany to spain, the foreign surroundings, a foreign holidayhouse... but no problem for Nele, because she was with us - her pack. Everything was good and she also enjoyed the holiday, just like us.
On the fotos you can see
Nele in winter, taking my cap from the walk back home - she loved it.
Nele during the holiday in spain at the beach, going for a walk with her "daddy", sitting at "mommys" womb at the terrace from the holidayhouse - she loves to cuddle, me and my husband - the glad owners from Nele.
Nele during a walk with some doggyfriends
Nele at home in her doggybasket - taking socks and "daddys" homeshoes..... she loves to steal some socks or shoes....
So we can tell you Nele is a happy dog, loving her life!
Dear Sandy, you've told us you've lived in germany (Soest) for a time. Maybe you come back to germany anytime. Then please contact us and come for a visit and see your happily Nele.
Thank you for looking for Nele at Zypern and all the other poor dogs and cats, rescue them and trying finding a new good home!
Lovely greetings from Germany (Höchberg/Würzburg)
Helga and Peter.

Note from Nele.

Hello dear Sandy,
I have a very bad conscience, because I have not reported so long.  Mr. and Mrs. (Peter and Helga) are great. They take great care of me and take me wherever it goes, so I'm hardly alone.
I feel 100% probably with the two and am happy the most when it goes into the forest to the Gassi. There I often meet my friends. There is so much to sniff at in the forest and at every corner there is something new to discover. The best part was our holiday in Spain. It was very warm, but the two of them made it fun even in the heat. I loved the sea, where I was courageous and did my first swings with my master.
At home, mistresses and gentlemen gave me the nickname "Sockenklau", because I steal everything that is not niet- and nagelfest, and play with it. This is a lot of fun. I prefer socks or gentlemen's slippers.
As you can see, I have found my great happiness. And mistresses and gentlemen also show me every day how happy they are with me.
I think it's great that you took care of me so well in Cyprus - for that I would like to thank you! I hope that many other poor dogs and cats can find such a beautiful home and be happy by your help and those of the other people in Cyprus.
Many greetings to you, dear Sandy and all who may remember and know me.
Your NELE.

Nelson's story (formerly known as Arthur).

Arthur, now  Nelson, was rescued on the 27/04/2016  from the village of Liopetri  which is in the Famagusta area, not so far from the shelter by  a young woman who is known to rescue animals in difficult situations.  Arthurs age on arrival  was 4 months old  - A big happy puppy, friendly, sociable and playful dog which he has remained to this day.   A total clown who has everyone smiling. Now at the age of 18 months and decidedly bigger, he finally got to say goodbye to the Sanctuary and jetted off to new beginnings in Germany.  This is what the new owners have to say about this gentle, funny giant...


Hello Sandy,

My name is Céline. Stefan, my boyfriend, and I adopted Arthur.
Now his name is Nelson.
He is a very gorgeous boy. At first he was a bit frightened out of the house, but after a time he melted.
In our garden he can run around and play.  He also found new dog-friends, the Jack Russel Terrier in the picture is Ronja my other dog.
She lives at my parents´ home, the poodle puppy is the dog of the aunt of Stefan.
We have one cat. Her name is Kitty. She is the boss at home.  At the first meeting Kitty was very frightened and Nelson very interested in her. But now they sleep side by side. I think in the future they will be friends and sleep in one basket.

Regards  Céline , Stefan and Nelson

Skip's story.

Skip arrived at Argos a few months ago in a bad state with wounds and so very skinny.
He found his way to the track which leads to the shelter.  Perhaps the sound of barking dogs gave him hope of help, food and water.  We are extremely proud of Skip as he flourished into a beautiful boy with much love for humans despite his past treatment.  He is full of life and has the sweetest nature.  Just a typical pointer really.  Not a bad bone in his body and with a gentle soul.  We are very pleased to say someone in Germany saw this too and he has now found himself a loving and patient home in Germany with Nicola Satori.  It is obvious from the photos he is much loved already and Skip feels the same also.  Happy days ahead for Skip and his new family.


Sammy's story.  (formerly known as Blue)

Sammy (Blue) was found abandoned nearby and taken in to Argos shelter 3 months ago. He is a young dog and seemed to settle quickly . A charming boy who everyone loves. 
Sammy (Blue) was always sociable and easy to handle indicating that he was once owned by someone. Sadly when dogs lose the puppy appeal then the owners no longer want them.  It happens often unfortunately.  Well their loss was our gain and certainly the gain of the lovely family in Germany who adopted him.  Here is what they have to say....

On Sunday Blue arrived in Düsseldorf and we picked him up at the airport.
With the start in a new life, we gave him a new name. We call him "Sammy" now. We are so glad about our new family member.
From day to day he seems be happier. I think he feels very comfortable.

Since Sunday we have made a few trips to the forest and a small river. He really loves the water.
We took him to the horse stable. At first he was a little bit scared of the big creatures but now he has a lot of new friends to play with.
He is such a good dog. He is so friendly, gentle and thankful. I am sure he misses you.
Thank you for taking care of our little friend.

We will send you an update soon.

Best wishes

Anja, Lisa and Anna

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