The Team

With very little money to go round Argos relies heavily on the support of its staff and volunteers to keep running. From behind the scenes admin and fund raising work to
 "up all night" foster parenting and of course the daily clean up. We couldn't survive without a team of dedicated animal lovers with one aim in common - to improve the lives of the animals in our care. If you have time to spare and would like to join the Argos family give us a call.





Stella, a founder member of The Cyprus Voice for Animals established Argos back in 2007 after realising the desperate need for a charity to protect the abused, abandoned and unwanted animals of Cyprus. From humble beginnings Stella has seen the sanctuary struggle and grow into what it is today. Her dream of a safe place for these animals was supported by friend and fellow animal lover Ritsa. Stella works 24/7 answering the cries for help from the public who always turn to her in cases of local animal abuse. Stellas work can be as varied as attending government meetings, over seeing work at the Argos charity shops, answering endless mail and phone calls and yet she still finds time to get involved with the day to day cleaning of the sanctuary along with the regular volunteers. Stella's husband Andreas once questioned the amount of time she spent dealing with animals, he now shares her passion for was certainly a case of " If you cant beat them join them!"
One of the founding members of Argos and continues to be an active committee member.  Alexis is a graduate of the American Academy Cyprus , studied Law at Middlesex University in U.K. and is now a practicing lawyer in Larnaca.  One of his great loves is music, which he has studied from the age of eight and plays both the guitar and the piano. He is passionate about all animals but his favourites are cats. He advises Argos on legal matters and also makes all the Argos videos. Andreas is Secretary to the Argos committee. He is a retired supervisor of the Cyprus Electricity Authority. He is an active member at the shelter keeping equipment in good working order, buying various supplies and parts for all machinery and making sure that the old Argos truck is a safe vehicle.




Nicos works tirelessly to raise funds for Argos. Particularly successful has been  the sponsorship program on our website which primarily helps some of our more difficult to home animals such as those with disabilities. Nicos is also working with a team of supporters to educate school children in the work of Argos and in animal welfare in general. Nicos too has a home full of rescue animals now totalling 9 dogs! Sandy has been a loyal volunteer at Argos since it opened its gates helping amongst other things as cat area volunteer, volunteer co-ordinator, home check co-ordinator, charity shop manager and fund raiser.  When leading our hugely successful collaboration with German charity, HundeLiebe, Sandy helped to send over 150 dogs to new homes in Germany.  Sandy and Phil have 2 dogs of their own, pointer Rhea and ex Argos dog Tito, as well as 3 beautiful cats, Bart, Homer and Boots.
Our "nurse" Jana as we know her is a regular volunteer at the sanctuary and is called on to deal with any day to day medical issues in the cat area. As a trained nurse Jana's duties include giving injections when needed, fostering sickly cats and kittens and helping to keep medical records up to date. With a small "sanctuay" of her own in her very own garden Jana shares her life not only with her husband and baby but with 4 dogs and 4 cats as well as many fish and birds. Jana shares her love of animals with her sister in law Inga another regular volunteer in the cat area.
Jo Bell




A regular volunteer in the cat area, Jo also co-ordinates the registering and vaccinating of the cats and most recently is working with a German charity sending cats to new and better lives with German families. Jo is also responsible for the content of our website making sure that the information on adoptions and forth coming events are always current. Jo has 3 rescue cats of her own Frenchie, Finch and Ashleigh. Inga also gets involved with the health of our many cats and fearlessly tackles the many cats who often put up quite a fight when it comes to taking tablets. Like Jana, Inga and her family also share their home with rescued animals. Vice President of Argos and Foster mum Sue has taken care of several orphaned puppies helping them to get over a very difficult start. She also helps to socialise many of our dogs that are travelling to Germany, ensuring that they arrive in their new homes equipped with all the social skills they need to fit into their new homes.




Ernesta is an active committee member who originates from Lithuania. She has studied business economics at Middlesex University in U.K, has studied computer design in her native Lithuania and is a whiz on computers. Ernesta speaks her native Lithuanian, Russian, English and currently studying Greek and understands Polish. Currently works as a hotel receptionist during the summer months. She attended a native Lithuanian dancing school and has attended extra-curriculum classes for event organising.  She loves all animals but is drawn mostly to Cats and dogs. Ernesta has also studied dog grooming and is now the on-site groomer at the Argos grooming salon at the shelter.Ernesta volunteers at the cat shelter on a regular basis.
Anne-Mari lives in Kirkenes, Norway where she is involved in many animal welfare organizations.  She has been visiting Cyprus every year since 2006, and in 2009 she found out about Argos, in an effort to learn about the animal shelters in Cyprus and the animal situation in general.
In 2010 she visited Argos in order to take a rescued kitten. From there on, she became a strong Argos’ supporter. Now she is acting as our ‘Scandinavian Liaison’, she maintains the Facebook page ‘Support Argos’ in Norwegian, where she creates awareness and runs different fund raising campaigns.
She also maintains a very active sponsorship program for the Argos cats and dogs.
Anne-Mari did work in the area of health care, and her job was to assist people with special needs. Sometimes she even took some of her animals with her to work, and the patients liked it very much!
She has two dogs – Isac and Zaro, and 3 cats, Odin, Frans and Sigrid.
Her dream is one day to be able to adopt animals from Argos! To show that Argos is in her heart she has a tattoo on her arm in Greek saying “All animals deserve to be treated with respect and love”
Lesley who comes originally from Shropshire manages the cat area 3-4 days a week.
After a career in teaching and then finance Lesley and partner Joan along with their cat Pud moved to Cyprus in 2005 and until last year was working in real estate.
It was not long of course before a stray came along and so the family now also includes rescue poodle cross Scampi who Lesley says rules the roost ! Lesley's duties include the smooth running of the cattery area,
health checking the cats and of course plenty of cleaning but she still finds time for a cuddle as seen here with beautiful Maya.




Mary is from Co. Fermanagh in N. Ireland has been in Cyprus with her husband Alan for 18 years. Mary was a bus/coach driver for many years in the UK.  Mary has a very old (16) Persian Cat Daismay who is pretty demanding and she also feeds and cares for an outside cat Mumsie.  She has been involved with animals most of her time in Cyprus and has rescued and rehomed several animals mostly dogs. Mary is very happy to be involved with all the animals at Argos. George with his wife Nora and new born (back then) Simone started supporting Argos ever since Simone was born almost 5 years ago. George always had dogs and cats and he has been actively involve in animal welfare issues in Cyprus. For the last 2 years he is responsible for homechecks in Nicosia Area always based on Argos rehoming regulations/specifications. Lorraine lived in Cyprus on and off  from 2000-2011 when her husband worked attached to the British military there. She used to work as a Bank Nurse for the army and RAF in Cyprus.
As an animal lover she was horrified by the plight of animals in Cyprus and believed that if you live in a country and take all it has to offer (wonderful food, climate) you have a responsibility to give something back.
In 2009 she undertook a ‘festive card making course’ and wondered if people would buy the cards. She sold 10 in the first week and thus began her venture!  Supported by local vets she made and sold cards donating the proceeds to ARGOS.  To help meet demand she then taught this style of card making to like minded people who enjoyed craft making and wanted to support ARGOS.
Now back living in the UK on the North Devon coast with their 3 rescued  ‘Cyprus Poodles’   and 2 cats (who walked into their garden in Dhekelia and stayed!) Lorraine continues to support ARGOS – making and selling cards locally in Devon.

    alison & tony



Alison and Tony are new volunteers in the dog area of the sanctuary. Having recently taken early retirement and moved to Cyprus they were looking for some "occupational therapy" as they called it and have found just that by helping to clean the dog runs at the weekends. Tough work but both say they are finding working with the animals very rewarding. Helen McCormack (Dog carer volunteer).  Helen is originally from Liverpool and has been travelling with her husband and his work for some years but had a holiday home in Cyprus.  During her holiday breaks here in Cyprus she always gave up two mornings a week to help clean the dog areas, assist with airport runs and generally give help wherever needed.  Now her husband has retired and they are permanent residents of Cyprus.  Helen will soon be looking for a canine family member for their home in Cyprus.  We are very pleased that Helen continues to volunteer at the shelter and it is a pleasure to see her more often. Roseanne Sherman (volunteer driver for animal airport runs) was born in Connecticut in the USA.  She has travelled extensively throughout her life with her work but has now retired to Cyprus. Roseanne has huge knowledge of cats, being a cat owner herself and travelled the world with her beloved cats. She also fosters kittens and hand rears them for anyone needing help. We are lucky to have someone who has experience of airport check in with animals and Roseanne has been part of the team taking animals to the airport for Argos when they fly off to new homes.

   Julia (rehoming co-ordinator)



A results-oriented executive with over 25 years experience in senior management roles, primarily in the IT training and testing industry.  After retiring, Julia relocated to Cyprus but a woman who has been active all her life could not just sit back and twiddle her thumbs and so decided to volunteer with Argos on a part-time basis rehoming our animals.  The “part-time” quickly  became a full blown full-time involvement in the rehoming department. Julia quickly mastered the ins and outs of rehoming by promoting the dogs, on many occasions taking the photos and videos, booking flights, export paperwork, liaising with prospective adopters, airport runs and even homechecks for those dogs adopted within Cyprus. A tireless and charismatic lady who works on a professional level and we are lucky to have her on board. Margaret Ogden came to live in Cyprus with her husband in 2008.  She started helping at Argos Sanctuary in the very early days and then took a short break but has always offered help both with caring for the dogs and in the charity shop.  Margaret has a good heart and has rescued a couple of dogs and feeds a feral cat who happens to live near her. Margaret splits her time between UK and Cyprus but for the months she spends in Cyprus Margaret helps twice a week cleaning the dog runs and giving help where needed.  She also helps a couple of hours in the Charity shop when required. An great team member for Argos Sanctuary.
Trevor Russel has joined the staff at Argos Sanctuary as a dog carer.  His past connections with animals started years ago when he lived with a small holding of chickens, pigs, ducks, cats and of course dogs. Trevor is actually a qualified Podiatrist and his caring nature reflects in the way he patiently handles the dogs at the Sanctuary. Trevor makes sure he spends time every day to socialise the dogs and give them play time. A hard worker and a great addition to the Argos team.




Bill and Helen moved to Cyprus from Glasgow, Scotland, in April this year. They were both born and raised in Scotland, Bill in the Highlands and Helen in Glasgow.
Helen was very heavily involved with the Greyhound Awareness League, in Glasgow, as a volunteer for at least 10 years and was on the committee for 4 years, Bill helped with a lot of the work.
Their work involved collecting Greyhounds from trainers, police stations, people's homes, wherever they were when they needed to come into the charity. Some of the dogs were badly injured so they would take them to the vet, also did vet runs for health checks, vaccinations, neutering and any problems which arose. They fostered quite a few dogs, mainly after neutering for post operative care. Iona, their Greyhound, was one such foster they cared for following surgery for a broken leg but couldn’t part with her so adopted her 5 years ago. Helen was also involved in fundraising and Awareness Days and  was the Follow-Up Co-Ordinator who kept in contact with new owners after adoption.

Bill and Helen decided to retire to Cyprus to live in a warmer climate, a dream location for a happy retirement and we are glad that they did.  Both volunteer practically on a daily basis at the shelter socializing dogs and fostering the rehomed ones awaiting their flight to their new homes Carol and Steve both lived in England with their two cats Tilly and Tia who both came to Cyprus with them just over a year ago. 
They have been visiting Cyprus for many years on holiday and to visit family but have always wanted to live in Cyprus one day and now they are living their dream. 
Carol’s dream job was to work with cats, especially rescued cats and is now a carer at Argos. Carol also loves gardening, baking and walking.




Carol and Steve decided they wanted to spend more time doing what they both enjoy and have been fortunate enough to be able to do so. Cats have been a part of their family for over 30 years so both are very experienced with them and enjoy their company. 
They adopted two Argos cats, Tino and Tigerlilly (in the photos). 
Steve whose many hobbies include DIY is volunteering at the shelter doing many jobs including DIY. 
Tina (volunteer) has been living in Cyprus with her husband since 2014. Although she and her husband run a busy scuba diving centre, she responded to a request for help with photographing our dogs - and she now volunteers with us as often as she can. Many of the doggie photos on our website and Facbook page were taken by Tina. She has two jack russell terriers of her own and also fosters some of our dogs when she is able to.