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Our animals require a lot of upkeep. Some of them also require medication or veterinary treatment. If you can't adopt, maybe you could sponsor an animal to help fund its care?


Make a difference Sponsoring an animal makes a real difference. It means that we can provide more than just basic care - we can provide toys and other comforts that improve the lives of the animals in our care. Some of the animals may never leave Argos because their needs are so specific. Your sponsorship will help to provide that special care.

Cats cost approx €100 per year so we ask each sponsor to contribute €20 per year (one fifth of the cost). Dogs cost €250 per year and we ask each sponsor to contribute €50 per year (one fifth). Each animal can therefore have up to 5 sponsors.

Help us now If you see a dog or cat that you would like to sponsor please get in touch


Argos Animal Sanctary                   PO Box 45522
7450 Ormidiea 
Registered Charity Number 2864


Email: argos@cytanet.com.cy         

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